The Ultimate Guide to New Housing HST Rebates

Updated: Mar 3
The New Housing HST Rebate was created by the Government of Canada and select provincial governments to help home buyers receive a rebate of up to $30,000 The amount that homeowners qualify depends on their situation and where you home was built. Homeowners can estimate their HST Rebate using our Rebate Calculator. If you have paid HST to build, purchase, or substantially renovate a home in Ontario and intend on using the property as a primary residence for you or a “blood relative”, you are eligible to receive some of the provincial and federal portions of the HST paid.

Who is Eligible to Receive the HST Rebate?

You are eligible to receive the New Housing HST Rebate if you have:
  • Purchased a new home, substantially renovated a home or constructed a home.
  • The house is to be used as your or your blood relative’s primary residence.
  • Purchased shares in a co-op (co-operative) housing complex for the purpose of using the unit in the complex as your or your blood relative’s primary place of residence.
  • Substantially renovated your home or constructed a new one, or hired someone to substantially renovate or construct your or your blood relative’s primary residence.

The rebate also applies to mobile homes and floating homes.

In addition to having a strong relationship with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), we have built and renovated a number of homes over the past 10 years. As such we have an intimate knowledge of what the CRA is looking for when filing a rebate. We will advise you of which documents and invoices are required in order for us to prepare the application for the rebate on your behalf. Our experts will review the associated costs and documents to ensure that your rebate does not get delayed or rejected before we submit the claim.

How Long Does it Take to Get the HST Rebate?

The New Home HST Rebate application must be filed with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) within two years of the completion of renovations or the date of occupancy for new home builds. Homeowners can expect to receive their New Housing HST Rebate from the CRA within 60 days. We have seen rebates processed in two weeks but some rebates can take up to six months to process should the CRA decide to randomly audit the rebate.

Investors and the New Home Rebate

The New Home HST Rebate is intended for buyers who intend to live in the newly renovated or built home – principal residents. If an investor builds a home with the intent of renting the property it out, they qualify for a different rebate, the New Residential Rental Property Rebate.

Investors who have purchased, constructed, substantially renovated, or made an addition to a Co-op or Multiple Unit Residential Complexes are eligible to qualify for the New Residential Rental Property Rebate. This rebate is highly specialized and our experts would be happy to discuss how best to proceed. Filing for the wrong rebate could mean losing out on the rebate!

The HST Rebate and Purchasing a New House

Homebuyers that purchase a new home from a builder are eligible for a New Home HST Rebate if they are purchasing the home as the principle resident. At the time the homebuyer completes the purchase transaction, he or she will agree to an assignment arrangement which sees the purchaser “assigning” the rebate for the home to the home builder. Builders usually factor the rebate into the price of the house. For example, a $500,000 house already has a $24,000 rebate built into the price. In some instances the builders their counsel may insist that the purchaser pays the HST rebate at closing. In our previous example, the buyer would be required to pay an additional $24,000 at closing and then submit a rebate application to the CRA to receive their rebate. This rebate is called a GST/HST Hew Housing Rebate Application for Houses Purchased from a Builder. This rebate is highly specialized and our experts would be happy to discuss how best to proceed.

How We can Help You

With the help of experts, the process of obtaining the New Home HST Rebate is simple:
  1. Contact us at 1-647-281-5399 to verify that you qualify for the rebate.
  2. Book a time to meet with one of our experts.
  3. Gather the following documents:
  • All construction or renovation invoices
  • Building permit(s)
  • Lot and plan numbers
  • in the case of substantial renovation, a detailed description of the work completed

We will ensure that you receive your maximum New Home HST Rebate. With My Rebate you have nothing to worry about – we will take care of all the paperwork and the entire application process. Should any issues arise with the CRA and your application we will work with the CRA to resolve those issues. Contact us directly or call +1-647-281-5399 to book a free consultation.

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